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Starter of the week – Maths daily starters

28 Apr


A useful site that gives you a different maths starter for everyday of the week, just click on the calendar date and the interactive starter appears. There’s also a categorised section so you can pick starters relevant to your topic choices and you can review starters from previous dates.

It’s a handy tool to get the students going straight away and could be accessed by students independently if you have computers/tablets in the room.

Source: http://www.transum.org/Software/SW/Starter_of_the_day/index.htm

Moodle guide and assessment ideas

27 Apr


A really great infographic that is colour coded on the effectiveness of Moodle provision for assessment, teaching and learning. It also provides ideas for embedding Moodle into the curriculum and I will use this when designing the curriculum for the forthcoming academic year to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the tool.

Source: http://visualoop.tumblr.com/post/2732555023/moodle-tool-guide-for-teachers-by-j-seitzinger

Using Wordle as a resource

15 Apr

Wordle: English words

A short post today about about a resource that has many uses in education:


It is so easy to use, you just enter your words and click then an image of your words appears that can be printed off as a poster or the link saved for future use. If you select the randomise tool after your words are displayed then it will offer you alternative images until you select the one you like.

Here’s some uses:

* a class names list of all your students for a display board
* a list of keywords for students to refer to when starting a topic
* an alternative wordsearch by adding other words in so the students have to choose which
words are correct
* ask the students to research a topic and create their own Wordle of key words

Below there’s a link to a slide show from Edudemic showing 45 other uses, have a look at their great ideas. I’m sure you’ll be able to integrate it into your sessions in no time.


Ideas for incorporating e-learning

27 Mar


A great resource generator for educators which gives ideas on how to use e-learning in lessons for the start, middle and end. Just click on ready, steady, cook and ideas will appear, you can keep clicking to select new ideas. It’s up to you which you select but it’s a good start for embedding e-learning and makes use of the ILT available around you in the learning environment.

Just click on the link below.


Quick icebreakers

23 Mar


Some easy ice breakers for classes or just a bit of fun to break up the lesson. I particularly like number 7 where students draw themselves and you have to guess who it is, you could adapt this for use with ILT and get the students to create an image of themselves using Paint or a similar programme then email it to the tutor. The tutor can then make a gallery for the students to guess who it is and display a hard copy on the class wall.

Source: http://www.busyteacher.org

Interactive anatomy resource

13 Mar

An interactive resource to underpin the basics of anatomy by using fun images. This resource will help students to remember the positions of organs and their functions through its colourful and cartoon theme and has additional resources to support teaching and learning. Just click on the web link to start interacting.



Royalty and copyright free images

13 Mar

When you’re looking for quality images and do not have a lot of time instead of reaching for Google images why not try this free image site instead. As long as the images have the source acknowledged they are free. The site has a search facility to look up any subject/category and I’ve used it for the post with the ant image to show you the quality.