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Magazine project

4 May


The link below from onestopenglish leads to an idea for group collaboration to create a magazine which tests a variety of English and employability skills. The topic and content of the magazine can easily adapted for any subject with each small team taking on ownership of a page. The tutor needs to provide scaffolding through a task sheet to enable students to research and produce a page each in a suitable format such as Word or Publisher (felt tips, magazine images and paper could be used as an alternative to ICT).

Once the students have completed their pages then they can be brought together to compile the magazine and printed off for review in class. An alternative option could be to create a guidebook, yearbook or study book to support other students for the future.

Source: http://www.onestopenglish.com/skills/writing/one-world-magazine/
Image: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

Create your own infographics as a learning resource

29 Apr


If you want a simple tool to create effective infographics then this software is for you… and me! I’ve been using infographics for a while to support students in their learning as it presents information in a visual and accessible format using bold text, colour and images. So far the feedback from students has been very positive.

This software has a variety of templates which can be edited to however you want to present the information and then can be saved to PDF for printing or inserting into an interactive presentation such as Prezi.

My students use infographics as guides, sources of information and to scaffold their learning. Students could also create their own infographics to show what they’ve learnt or as a summative piece for assessment. It’s easy to register and get started straight away, the link is below.


Using Wordle as a resource

15 Apr

Wordle: English words

A short post today about about a resource that has many uses in education:


It is so easy to use, you just enter your words and click then an image of your words appears that can be printed off as a poster or the link saved for future use. If you select the randomise tool after your words are displayed then it will offer you alternative images until you select the one you like.

Here’s some uses:

* a class names list of all your students for a display board
* a list of keywords for students to refer to when starting a topic
* an alternative wordsearch by adding other words in so the students have to choose which
words are correct
* ask the students to research a topic and create their own Wordle of key words

Below there’s a link to a slide show from Edudemic showing 45 other uses, have a look at their great ideas. I’m sure you’ll be able to integrate it into your sessions in no time.


Look who’s reading task

13 Apr

Wordle: Untitled

A nice task to get students thinking about the importance of reading and just who is reading, not just ‘boring’ people which is what some students think or are led to believe.

Use the task sheet below to get students to work individually or in pairs/groups to research and find images of people reading, if they’re famous then it has more impact, then ask students to make posters showing whoever they’ve found looking at books/reading. The posters can then be made into a display.

This task can be adapted for any topic such as look who’s writing, drawing, speaking etc. I’ve carried out this task with several classes and they all really enjoyed it, especially seeing their work on the walls.


Ideas for incorporating e-learning

27 Mar


A great resource generator for educators which gives ideas on how to use e-learning in lessons for the start, middle and end. Just click on ready, steady, cook and ideas will appear, you can keep clicking to select new ideas. It’s up to you which you select but it’s a good start for embedding e-learning and makes use of the ILT available around you in the learning environment.

Just click on the link below.


Ethical learning

17 Mar

Online game to end hunger

The students loved playing this game on the interactive board in a revision lesson. For every question they got right the organisers donate ten grains of rice to the World Food Programme to support countries that are in crisis; just click on the image above to go to the site. The game keeps a running total of the grains awarded per question and there are a variety of topics to choose from. The students found it very addictive once they realised they were helping someone and it’s a great active learning resource for ethical learning.

Thanks to Georgie Hooper for finding it for the learners and sharing with me.

The following link contains resources for teachers to extend the learning, enjoy!


Interactive anatomy resource

13 Mar

An interactive resource to underpin the basics of anatomy by using fun images. This resource will help students to remember the positions of organs and their functions through its colourful and cartoon theme and has additional resources to support teaching and learning. Just click on the web link to start interacting.