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English infographic

25 Apr


A great infographic to get the students talking about the relevance and importance of English from http://themainstreetanalyst.com/2012/09/17/english-is-the-language-of-international-business-and-education-infographic/

You can also take the facts from this infographic and pop them onto a Word document, then chop up for a mini assessment and sort activity.

Student presentation planning

16 Apr


Getting the students to create and present their work through a presentation is a great way of checking reading, writing and speaking and listening skills.

After giving the students some guidance you can then use the brilliant infographic above from Skills Studio to support and guide learners. I’ve also included some topic choices for students that struggle to be creative and a planning document to use to ensure the presentation is structured.

Presentations are an excellent support mechanism to prepare for employment as many jobs now require the applicant to do a presentation as part of the interview.



Image: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

Support tasks for student writing CVs and letters

11 Apr


Words employers prefer to see in CVs and letters are listed here.


Words employers prefer not to see in CVs and letters are listed above.

As an English Tutor I teach CV and cover letter writing every year as a skill to improve employment chances.  These word clouds would be brilliant to provide scaffolding for students who struggle to write sentences about themselves and indicate what key words employers are looking for when selecting candidates for interviews.  The words are a result of Eric Hilden’s research with the larger the word indicating the frequency of employers mentioning it so you can see the common patterns for what employers do and do not want.

I have also included a promt sheet to assist students with starting sentences as a blank sheet is sometimes difficult for students to start with.


Source: http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/cv/actionverbs.htm

Source: http://www.saddleback.edu/jobs/documents/2010OrangeCountyResumeSurveyfullpresentation.pdf

Quick icebreakers

23 Mar


Some easy ice breakers for classes or just a bit of fun to break up the lesson. I particularly like number 7 where students draw themselves and you have to guess who it is, you could adapt this for use with ILT and get the students to create an image of themselves using Paint or a similar programme then email it to the tutor. The tutor can then make a gallery for the students to guess who it is and display a hard copy on the class wall.

Source: http://www.busyteacher.org

Learning theories infographic

18 Mar


Please take time to click on the image and view a fabulous infographic on learning theories and how they relate to teaching and learning. This is a particularly good revision and reminder resource for teaching professionals.

100 ways to say said in writing

10 Mar

Brilliant poster to encourage more descriptive writing.  A colleague suggested today that it could be used as a bookmark, brilliant idea SKM thanks for the suggestion.



Research using Google

10 Mar

Love this infographic to support research using Google as students use Google as their first port of call as opposed to books. This guide helps them get the best out of Google research rather than the first result that appears. Place it in a prominent area by computers.