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Teacher humour

4 May



Love these posters fromĀ www.someecards.com – I have these up in my classroom, the students love them.

You can go over to their website and create your own – teacher humour lives!

Punctuation posters

3 Jun


An easy task to get students thinking about punctuation uses or to test what they have learnt by creating an informative poster to show what the punctuation terms mean. The task can be carried out independently or in small groups by using either paper and felt tips or a PC. The students can use a variety of methods to research the terms and find ideas for their posters such as dictionaries and the Internet.

The students can then display their posters on a board to show common punctuation usage. Just click on the link below for the task sheet.


Image: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

Prompts to stimulate planning and writing

21 May


After seeing this visual on how soda impacts on your body it gave me an idea for providing frames for students to research and input information.

Just select an image outline that represents your topic and divide it up into the amount of sections that you want students to research. Students can then either research and fill the information in electronically or handwrite it in on a handout. The finished task will make excellent posters and I know students will be more eager to fill in this type of template than making notes on a blank sheet of paper. Students could always try to create an infographic from their information using a program such as http://www.easel.ly/ as a stretch and challenge task.

Image: http://www.ksl.com/?sid=24552939&nid=1010&title=this-is-what-happens-when-you-drink-soda&fm=home_page&s_cid=featured-5

Magazine project

4 May


The link below from onestopenglish leads to an idea for group collaboration to create a magazine which tests a variety of English and employability skills. The topic and content of the magazine can easily adapted for any subject with each small team taking on ownership of a page. The tutor needs to provide scaffolding through a task sheet to enable students to research and produce a page each in a suitable format such as Word or Publisher (felt tips, magazine images and paper could be used as an alternative to ICT).

Once the students have completed their pages then they can be brought together to compile the magazine and printed off for review in class. An alternative option could be to create a guidebook, yearbook or study book to support other students for the future.

Source: http://www.onestopenglish.com/skills/writing/one-world-magazine/
Image: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

Create your own infographics as a learning resource

29 Apr


If you want a simple tool to create effective infographics then this software is for you… and me! I’ve been using infographics for a while to support students in their learning as it presents information in a visual and accessible format using bold text, colour and images. So far the feedback from students has been very positive.

This software has a variety of templates which can be edited to however you want to present the information and then can be saved to PDF for printing or inserting into an interactive presentation such as Prezi.

My students use infographics as guides, sources of information and to scaffold their learning. Students could also create their own infographics to show what they’ve learnt or as a summative piece for assessment. It’s easy to register and get started straight away, the link is below.


Look who’s reading task

13 Apr

Wordle: Untitled

A nice task to get students thinking about the importance of reading and just who is reading, not just ‘boring’ people which is what some students think or are led to believe.

Use the task sheet below to get students to work individually or in pairs/groups to research and find images of people reading, if they’re famous then it has more impact, then ask students to make posters showing whoever they’ve found looking at books/reading. The posters can then be made into a display.

This task can be adapted for any topic such as look who’s writing, drawing, speaking etc. I’ve carried out this task with several classes and they all really enjoyed it, especially seeing their work on the walls.


Royalty and copyright free images

13 Mar

When you’re looking for quality images and do not have a lot of time instead of reaching for Google images why not try this free image site instead. As long as the images have the source acknowledged they are free. The site has a search facility to look up any subject/category and I’ve used it for the post with the ant image to show you the quality.