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Starter of the week

24 Mar


A quick activity to encourage focus and interest right at the start of the session. Students enjoy this simple game and it can be adapted by using different people according to the audience or topic. This starter encourages speaking and listening in addition to teamwork.

The Word document attached contains boxes with names of famous people. Print it off and give each student a name card each then ask them to either describe the person on their card to the class for them to guess or get the class to ask questions where the holder can only answer yes or no until someone guesses who it is.

Have fun!


Quick icebreakers

23 Mar


Some easy ice breakers for classes or just a bit of fun to break up the lesson. I particularly like number 7 where students draw themselves and you have to guess who it is, you could adapt this for use with ILT and get the students to create an image of themselves using Paint or a similar programme then email it to the tutor. The tutor can then make a gallery for the students to guess who it is and display a hard copy on the class wall.

Source: http://www.busyteacher.org