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Active learning – Digestive system

1 Aug

Digestion Apron

A fantastic interactive lesson from Mary Markowski that illustrates where everything goes in the digestive system either by putting it on an apron or t-shirt.  This visual approach will definitely assist students to remember their anatomy and could be adapted for further anatomy sessions.

See below for details of the lesson.

Source: http://dante.udallas.edu/markowski/digestive_system_lesson.htm

Active Learning – Brain hemisphere hat

29 Mar


A visual learning aid for students to make to show them the different hemispheres of the brain. All they need to do is cut out the templates, colour in the relevant sections and assemble the brain using glue to stick the pieces together.

This active learning task should be memorable for the students and enable them to recall the information more easily. The link below takes you to the PDFs for printing either in colour or black and white.


Interactive anatomy resource

13 Mar

An interactive resource to underpin the basics of anatomy by using fun images. This resource will help students to remember the positions of organs and their functions through its colourful and cartoon theme and has additional resources to support teaching and learning. Just click on the web link to start interacting.