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Interactive Smartboard resources

8 May


A great site with lots of ideas, activities and templates for use with an interactive Smartboard. I particularly like the games that challenge, such as Scrabble, and also the maths templates that learners can come up to the board and fill in.

Just click on the link, select a template and then download onto a pc or desktop connected to a Smartboard.


Starter of the week – bundle of ideas

5 May


A whole bundle of starters here to choose from and adapt from Mike Gershon at

Just download the PowerPoint and select an idea to use for meaningful starters, some of which can be adapted for extended class use. These ideas are related to the UK national curriculum but are a useful starting point for ideas.



Creative cubes

2 May


A good idea using cubes/ dice that can be adapted for any topic or subject to stimulate discussion, revise, recap or use to to test knowledge and understanding from the Creative Teaching website.

Below are samples to download and adapt, I will use these in the future to support the students to revise and encourage discussion.



Starter of the week – Maths daily starters

28 Apr


A useful site that gives you a different maths starter for everyday of the week, just click on the calendar date and the interactive starter appears. There’s also a categorised section so you can pick starters relevant to your topic choices and you can review starters from previous dates.

It’s a handy tool to get the students going straight away and could be accessed by students independently if you have computers/tablets in the room.


English infographic

25 Apr


A great infographic to get the students talking about the relevance and importance of English from

You can also take the facts from this infographic and pop them onto a Word document, then chop up for a mini assessment and sort activity.

Dictionary quiz

22 Apr


This task can be adapted to any subject or topic and can be used as a starter, main topic research or extension activity. Give the student/s the list of words, you can tailor them to your topic, then get them to look in the dictionary and find the meaning. This task tests reading, research skills, writing and problem solving all in one task.

An additional adaptation of the task can be to produce a list of words and their meanings then chop them up and get the learners to match them together, this works particularly well for revision and images can be added to further extend the learning.



Starter of the week – How do I communicate?

21 Apr


This is a nice little starter that gets students thinking about how and who they talk to during their day. As the students come in give out the mini task slip HOW DO I COMMUNICATE and get them to think about and discuss who they have spoken to that day, what they spoke about and how they spoke.

This task really gets the students thinking as it’s suprising just how many people they have spoken to and acts as a foundation for discussing formal and informal speaking and listening. I have extended this activity for students by giving them a large piece of flip chart paper and felt tips then asked them to draw a road/path from one end to another. On the road/path they have indicated who they have talked to and what about through drawings then presented their work to the class.