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Fun prompts for discussion

21 Sep


I’m not entirely sure of the source of this activity but it is a fun discussion or writing activity for individuals/small groups perhaps as a starter or for reluctant workers. It asks strange questions such as ‘what would happen if it always snows?’ and gets students into working through thought and interpretation of the questions.

The questions can be used as a Powerpoint or printed and given out to groups for feedback to the class. I’m definitely going to try this myself and I’ll feedback the results.



Shakespeare infographic

18 Aug


For all you Shakespeare fans out there and those that teach it, here’s an enlightening infographic to introduce some of the main facts about his work.¬† You could use this as a starter for the new term or get students to make their own based upon the key facts that they have uncovered in their studies at the end of the year.


Ideas for assessing prior knowledge

6 Aug



This poster is a good place to start if you want to assess the prior knowledge of students from Mia MacMeekin. There are 27 ideas of tasks/activities to get the students thinking straight away about what they do/do not know and provides the teacher with a chance to speedily assess the class.

Click on the link below to view the poster.


Class standards activity

4 Jun


You can never get enough ideas for setting class standards at the start of the year, they really do pave the way for what’s acceptable in the class.

I like this idea from mrshawksnest of using flipchart paper and splitting it down the centre with what’s acceptable from either party rather than listing ‘don’ts’. A good activity for a positive start and can be displayed as a poster in the class for future reference.


Starter of the week – Student reflection task

2 Jun


This is a good reflective starter and continuation exercise from Laura Candler’s brilliant site. Now we’re coming to the end of the year it’s a good time to get the students thinking about what they’ve done and to reflect on what they could do differently, also what they’ve learnt.

Just use the reflective prompts on the sheet to stimulate thought and discussion and then the students can feedback either verbally or by writing their answers (could be anonymously). This is a great tool for developing teaching and learning for the following year and offers an insight into what students really think! Remember to encourage them to be honest.

Last year I used a similar task and the best answers I made into a display for the new year to inform students about what they would be learning and what to expect in lessons.



Starter of the week – mini assessment

19 May


I’ve used this idea a few times so it was nice to see an example being used by confessionsofateachingjunkie for a variety of uses.

As the students enter, give them a post it and ask them to write on it something they know/don’t know about the topic then stick it on the board. The tutor can then review them as the lesson starts to ensure all aspects are covered and then at the end to ensure that any areas of difficulty have been covered. ¬†Very simple but effective and shows commitment to differentiation.


Generic starter ideas

12 May


A great resource from that contains 50 starter ideas that can adapted for any level or topic and are easy to differentiate. Just click on the link below to access the list of ideas. Enjoy!