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Free online course – Emotional Intelligence

19 Mar


Interesting online reading in units from The Annenberger Foundation relating to emotions in learners and how it affects learning based on psychological research. Included in the units are strategies for dealing with barriers to learning and further reading to inform practice.

Insights drawn from neuroscience not only provide educators with a scientific basis for understanding some of the best practices in teaching, but also offer a new lens through which to look at the problems teachers grapple with every day. By gaining insights into how the brain works, and how students actually learn, teachers will be able to create their own solutions to the classroom challenges they face and improve their practice. Just click on the units tab on the left hand side of the website main image.

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Learning theories infographic

18 Mar


Please take time to click on the image and view a fabulous infographic on learning theories and how they relate to teaching and learning. This is a particularly good revision and reminder resource for teaching professionals.