Student moodboards

18 Sep


This is a nice task that enables you to get to know your students and provides a lovely display for the classroom. It would be good to use this in the first few weeks of the new academic year and it can be carried out using traditional methods (pens, paper etc) or on a PC. We used the traditional method as we didn’t have access to PCs.

Students are asked to create a poster (moodboard) that represents them as a person. It is entirely open to interpretation but students relish the opportunity to express themselves through visual media and the finished products are great talking points. The activity also helps the class to get to know each other and what their interests are, it’s also a great opportunity for the teacher to produce one too.



One Response to “Student moodboards”

  1. nicolle herrington September 30, 2014 at 11:56 am #

    Love this will defo use. Thanks for the idea:D

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