Reading for information – skimming & scanning

10 Jan


The purpose of these activities is to get the students to speed up their reading in preparation for final exams and the world of work where time is short.

To start with students are independently asked to look at an article – this can be any article (we used a newspaper article on bullying) and used the task sheet (link below – laminate for future use) to make notes on keywords and overall information in the text. The students then compare what they have found and see if they have come to the same conclusion through discussion in small groups.

After the students have done a few of these article reviews (I asked them to look at 4 different articles separately) they can then move onto reviewing several articles on the same theme and consolidate the information into a few paragraphs on flipchart paper as a group. Students then find it far easier to take notes and summarise texts after this session without feeling the need to write everything down – a good session for at the start of the year.



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