Formats & features – poster task

9 Jan


This is a good task to get students to understand the importance of layout and what information to include in a poster so that it provides information to the reader and is fit for purpose.

Split students into small groups (ideally 4) and provide each one with a different coloured pen so that you can see who is working and who needs support/prompting.

Provide the students with a variety of posters (at least 3) that they see daily around the school/college/university – these can have a theme or be random posters that are supposed to attract the students (we used equality and diversity posters for this task).

In their groups ask the students to analyse the posters using the prompts (link below) and get them to write their answers on flip chart paper then feedback their findings to the class at the end.

It’s surprising what students identify with and what mistakes designers make when trying to get the attention of the public. The student results are then used as a base for them to produce a poster on a chosen topic without making the same mistakes. I’ve found this method to be very effective as opposed to asking students to design a poster straight away as the quality and appropriateness is far superior after carrying out this activity.




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