Active review of learning

19 Jul



Thanks again to Jackie Hutchinson for providing this engaging and competitive summative assessment.

Number of people: any group size up to 40 max.

Materials: Coloured pens and flipchart paper

Time: 10-15 minutes

Overview: A high-energy physical review – good for engaging unmotivated students.


  1. Divide the class into three or four teams, depending on numbers, of up to ten students.
  2. Give each team a different coloured marker (red/blue/green/black) and get teams to think of a team name for comedy value.3.
  3. Put three or four pieces of flipchart paper on the board/wall with team names written at the top in the relevant colour.
  4. One person from each team starts by writing on their team paper one thing they have learned during the lesson. They come back, hand the pen to another person in their team and then the second person writes something they have learned (It must be different from the previous ones). The winning team is the one with the most new things learned.

NB: Teacher can differentiate by making sure less able learners are at the front of each line and more able towards the end – it obviously gets harder to think of additional facts as the game progresses.



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