Using cue cards for planning

5 Jun


This is a brilliant idea from Kaitlin at yourteachersaide to support class tasks and assessment of students by using small cue cards (3 x 5), see the suggestions below.

I particularly like the idea of using them to fairly question and select groups as this is usually an area of difficulty in class and should prevent those students that answer every question before anyone gets a chance.

Additionally, you could also note issues or good work on the cards to serve as reminders before you next see the students as its easy to forget things when you’re really busy and have a lot of students.

1. List one student’s name on each card. When it’s time to pick partners, shuffle the cards and quickly call out the pairs.

2. Use the name cards to call on students during a lesson. You will avoid calling on the same person all the time and the students will pay attention since they never know when their name will be called. No one is upset with you over who gets picked or who partners with whom.

3. Use the name cards to keep track of who has turned in an item or done a certain task. Go through the cards and ask each student. Those that say ‘no,’ place in a pile off to the side. Instant list!

4. Get the colored ones if you have multiple classes that you teach. Write one class of students on each color.

5. Write different, simple rewards on each card. When the whole class- or just each student earns a reward, let them choose a card from the stack to see what they’ve ‘won’.



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