Getting off to a good start for classes

12 Apr


This is an inspirational and exciting task to use at the start of the year or with new classes and I am going to try it myself as soon as I get the opportunity. It focuses on active learning to ensure that students are involved in the setting of ground rules in a flipped scenario.

Instead of telling the students what they can and can’t do, which often acts as a barrier to learning for some, just get big sheets of flip chart paper and coloured pens and ask them in small groups to write down suggestions as to what they’d like in you as a teacher/tutor and what they expect in lessons. This is a positive reinforcement task in which the tutor can review and ask students how they think they should behave and what the teacher/tutor would like to see in the class. Far more productive than starting the year by telling the students ‘do not do this’ and ‘make sure you do that’.

Make use of the work by combining it to make a big poster or it could be put into to create a word cloud that can be printed off.


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