Fantasy jobs written task

5 Apr


This task incorporates speaking and listening, reading, writing and employability skills such as planning and presenting work. It can either be a fun activity or directly related to what the students realistically want to be in the future.

Start the session by discussing what individuals would like to be or do when they finish their studies and when they’ve made their choice make sure that the students create individual plans such as spider diagrams to detail their ideas. The students can carry out research on what the position entails and pay which encourages independent research and comparing and contrasting different sources of information. They can then build up their plans and draft work.

After the planning stage students then need to design a poster or presentation on the role and what it covers, including pay, which resembles a job advert to attract someone to apply for the job. Students then present their work to the rest of the class explaining their choices and where they found the information.

This task tests a variety of skills in students and they enjoy the freedom of using their imaginations, it also gives the tutor an insight into what students are interested in and what they enjoy. Attached are the task sheets to get you started let me know how you get on.



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