Starter of the week – A to Z game

1 Apr


Simple task to either use as a starter or use in the middle of a session to break it up and give the learners respite from what they’re doing.

Just write the alphabet A – Z on the board and then ask the learners in small groups to write down particular items or things beginning with the corresponding letter on paper. You can theme it, as I did at Christmas and for occupations, or just use random topics and questions. The ones with the most correct answers at the end are the winners, just make sure you have a list of answers for what the students are being asked. You can also give each student a letter as they come in the door and ask them to think of a particular item that begins with that letter to get them engaged straight away. See short examples below:

A Artist
B Builder
C Chef
D Dancer
E Electrician
F Financial Advisor
G Gardener
H Helicopter Pilot

General Knowledge
A name a dog – Alsatian, Akita
B name a bird – Budgerigar, Blackbird
C name a flower – Carnation, Crocus
D name a food – Doughnuts, Danish Pastry
E girl’s name – Ebony, Edith, Eve
F name a country – Finland, France
G boy’s name – Graham, Gordon
H item of clothing – Hat, Hoodie

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