Games – Pictionary for verbal/written communication

31 Mar


I’ve yet to find a student that doesn’t like this activity and it’s a regular feature in my sessions. It tests the students speaking and listening skills, teamwork and written communication.

The activity can either be done on the board or in small groups with flip chart paper. A student takes a card and then draws it and the other team members have to guess what it is. The students can take it in turns or the student who guesses it correctly gets another go.

When playing this as a large group I gave the students mini boards to put their answers on and hold up to reduce shouting out as it gets very lively and competitive. There’s a link to some words below to get you started, just cut them up and put them in an envelope. I’ve also asked students to add words for the next class to build the word bank up so now we have lots of words to draw, enjoy!


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